OLUWA MO’HUN TI O SE (Independence Remix)

Oyindamola Adejumo Ayibiowu drops a new single titled “Oluwa Mohun Ti o Se” (Independence remix) to commemorate the October 1st Nigerian Independence celebration.  “Oluwa Mohun Ti o Se” has remained her best hit and it’s a pleasure to remix the same song loved.

Oluwa Mohun Ti o Se” (Independence remix) is a song of prayer and faith that no matter how bad the country seems to appear, God knows what it will do to make Nigeria better.

The song is not just a prayer but a call to action. In this song, Oyindamola redefines in independence in the context of Nigeria. Beyond independence from Colonial Government as we had in 1960. Oyindamola also call for other types of independence such as independence from hunger; independence from untimely death, Independence from bad road networks, independence from bad governance, independence from corruption and independence from ignorance.

“Oluwa Mohun Ti o Se” (Independence remix) by Oyindamola is on all streaming platforms

To commemorate her birthday, Oyindamola Adejumo Ayibiowu releases another anointed song titled ONDARASI which means things are getting better.

“ONDARASI is one of my old compositions and has been performed live at Oratorio concerts. But i decided to go to the studio and produce the song now because the song perfectly describes my experience with God. The more I know him, the better things become”

This is a song of joy, hope and faith. Its life transforming too!

The glorious event of MOTHER LET US PRAY, it is one of the most valuable days which signifies our hope for a better tomorrow and also God’s love for us. We are happy to organize this festival which will be full of PRAISE for the FAMILY. Therefore in this occasion we invite you and your family to attend our program on Saturday 18th December 2021 at 8am-10am in our GOP Hall Opeyemi Crescent Magodo, Lagos. Hope we will be able to gain your prayer and also can thank our God.

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From the Convener of Mothers Let Us Pray

Don’t come alone!!!!

New Song Alert

MO KO IBANUJE (I Reject Sorrow) by Oyindamola Adejumo Ayibiowu

This is a prophetic and declarative song sufficient enough to silence and bury every evil ahead of you. Start the new month with this song of prayer titled Mo Ko Ibanuje (I Reject Sorrow).

Listen, Download, and Share it with a friend as a gift for this month.


Happy New Month