New Single Release: (Oluwa Mohun Ti o Se) Independence Remix

New Single Release: (Oluwa Mohun Ti o Se) Independence Remix

OLUWA MO’HUN TI O SE (Independence Remix) Oyindamola Adejumo Ayibiowu drops a new single titled “Oluwa Mohun Ti o Se” (Independence remix) to commemorate the... Details

Mental Healing

Do you want to know more about mental health? Or you have someone around you who needs assistance and you want to know how you... Details

Black and Bold Success Inspirations from Baba Sala for African Youths

About the Book Black and Bold is an Afrocentric inspirational book. Most accounts of top influential people in history are dominated by Europeans whose life... Details
inside-and-outside-of-God-court by Oyindamola Ministries

Inside and Outside of God’s Gate

I welcome you to another wonderful Monday morning. The Lord revealed deep things about his court to me a few days ago, and I will... Details
2021 prophetic words


The Lord is giving us the opportunity to load 2021 with good things with the fruit of our lips in the place of prayers. Everyone... Details