I welcome you to another wonderful Monday morning. The Lord revealed deep things about his court to me a few days ago, and I will like you to read, pray and take action.

The court of God is the place of his presence, where there is fullness of joy. There, the sun shall not smite by day nor the moon by night. In other words, it’s a protected atmosphere where those inside are perfectly shielded from whatever problems exist outside. This month may you remain kept in God’s presence in Jesus name.

Although glorious, God’s presence has got a gate (Psalms 118:19-20)! With serious entry requirements (Psalms 24:3-6). While righteousness is key, blessed is the man God chooses to approach and dwell in his courts (Psalms 65:4)! So grace and mercy matter. May you receive grace to dwell inside the gates in Jesus name!

What about outside the gate?
Well, it’s an outer darkness of sorrow and weeping (Matt 25:30). The scriptures say outside are the dogs, sorcerers, sexually immoral, idolaters, and those who practice lies (Rev 22:15). Let’s give it a contemporary interpretation. Dogs are needed by sorcerers for sacrifice Murderers especially money ritualist often target sexual immoral/street girls and after getting their victims they need idolatrous priests to make the rituals! Of course, they could be caught by the police, so they need lawyers, so they hire them that practice lies!

Outside God’s gate is a horrible jungle of preys and predators where no gentleman can survive!
May you dwell in the secret place of the most high in Jesus name!

Kindly click the link to listen to the audio recorded during the warroom session. This is a prophetic message and prayers about GOD’S GATE! God bless you


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