Matt 24:22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

Coronavirus made many believers turn to Psalm 91 which is the powerful word of God promising protection from pestilence. Truly God has the power to keep his elect in times of pestilence. For example in the bible, a plague claimed all the Egyptian firstborns but the pestilence never touched the Israelites at Goshen! But we all know our current reality. Despite positive confessions, many Christians are victims of cancer, Ebola, HIV and coronavirus. Is the word of God no longer true? No, Never. Is it that these victims don’t have sufficient faith?

Sure, at every given time, there would be unbelievers, strong believers and weak believers in the world. If it is only the strong believers that enjoy immunity from the deadly viruses, what happens to the rest of the world? Do you or does God care if they perish?

Jesus warned us that except those days should be shortened, no one will survive. Let’s say a strong believer escaped coronavirus, but his unbelieving employer died so he lost his job, the unbelieving bank owners perished and the financial industry collapsed, the unbelieving medical practitioners perished and the health sector perished. Tell me how will this strong believer survive? Currently the aviation, entertainment, hospitality and religious sectors are badly affected which will have negative impacts on the livelihoods of everyone in those industries, believers inclusive.

Jesus is right, unless God controls the epidemics so that everyone survives, not even the strong believer will survive. Praying for personal protection may be a necessary condition to escape Covid-19, but it is not a sufficient condition for survival. Until everyone is safe, no one is really safe.

The assured way by which believers would be saved from plagues is if the days of epidemics are shortened. Fortunately, Jesus promises that for the elects’ sake the days would be shortened. That is, God wants to keep you from evil and also use you to stop the evil. Praying for personal protection without striving for the termination of the virus and global safety is an under-utilization of God’s abundant grace.

David, the writer of Psa 91 was never contented with having personal safety when his nation was perishing. In 2 Sam 24, Israel experienced a pestilence in which 70,000 innocent men died in a day. The plague never came near David’s family, yet, David was restlessly praying for the solution that will save the whole nation. During his intercession, David had a revelation that put an end to the deaths (vs 17). Sometimes, godly people can die during a pestilence, but God is looking for intercessors, who by prayers will unveil hidden remedies so that innocent souls can be saved!

The contentment in the assurance of personal safety regardless of what happens to our generation is one reason solutions to global problems have not been emanating from many Christian folds. Moreover, because choose not to be the problem solvers, we become the helpless recipients of whatever intervention our enemy brings, including Bill Gates MicroChip Implants to fight coronavirus

That Jesus has promised that the evil days of pestilence would be shortened for the elects’ sake means if the elects can pray and commit themselves to research, God is willing to give the believers divine revelation that can solve these challenges. Let our discovery frustrates satanic agenda.

Le pray Lord, let the days of COVID-19 be terminated in Jesus name!

Author: Oyindamola Adejumo-Ayibiowu PhD

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